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Landscape Submission

The Architectural Standards of the Association establish the policies and procedures for modifications or improvements to the exterior of the home, including the initial installation of your back yard landscaping. All homeowners are required to submit plans for review and approval by the Architectural Committee prior to beginning any work. 
Owners making changes to the interior of the home which do not affect the exterior appearance do not need to obtain architectural approval. 
All owners must submit plans for their initial landscape installation within 6 months of closing escrow and must complete the installation of their landscaping within 18 months. Once your initial landscaping has been installed, you may submit your Notice of Completion to the management office. Reviews of the landscaping will be performed monthly to inspect the completed landscaping and verify that it was installed per plan and in accordance with the Architectural Guidelines and that there is no damage to the curb, sidewalks and park strip landscaping as a result of the installation. Once the landscaping passes the final inspection, your Construction Security Deposit (paid in escrow) is refunded. 
Architectural Guidelines 
Architectural Application
Notice of Completion of Improvements
Sample Plans
List of Water Efficient and Bay Friendly Plants *
*The list of water efficient plants includes plants that may not meet the Association's guidelines with regard to mature height, invasive roots, etc. and is not considered an approved list of plants. All plant selections must be listed on your plans and approved by the Architectural Committee prior to installation. 

Important Contractor Information

When selecting a contractor, whether it is for landscaping, window coverings or painting, please make sure that they are licensed and insured! We have heard horror stories of some contractors coming through new communities offering what seems like a terrific deal only for the homeowner to find out they had been scammed and lost a large sum of money. Unfortunately it is difficult for us to pass along warnings about a specific company as the company names are fictitious and change frequently. 
  • Check the contractors license on the CA State Contractors License Board website. Check that the number they provide you is a valid number! 
    • You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints filed against the contractor. 
  • Do not pay a large deposit in advance. It is illegal to ask for or accept a down payment of more than 10% of the total contract price or $1,000, whichever is less. (For landscaping, this will almost always be a MAXIMUM $1,000 deposit.)
  • Make installment payments only after the work included in the installment has been completed. Do not pay for the tile/paver work in advance to help the contractor purchase the supplies! 

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